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The fastest way to overcome fear, doubt, and the opinions of others

As a coach working with several individuals who grapple with imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and fear, I’ve discovered the quickest way for them to break free from their mental constraints and step into their best selves.

Get Over Yourself

First and foremost, shift the focus away from yourself. Holding back your unique gifts, skills, and insights is not humility; it's a form of self-centeredness that prioritizes your own comfort over the ways you can positively impact others. By doing so, you prevent yourself from inspiring and elevating others. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by fear, insecurity, or excessive self-focus, redirect your perspective outward. Concentrate on how you can serve others. Failing to realize your full potential or avoiding opportunities that scare you leads to a life of quiet desperation, as Thoreau famously described, and robs others of the chance to learn and grow with you. Your courage to be your best self empowers those around you to do the same.

Be a Role Model

Recognize that you have the power to be a role model, by demonstrating what it means to play big. Your actions and achievements have the power to inspire others to aim higher and push beyond their limits. As Cathy Heller eloquently puts it, "People reach for the highest branch they can see, so we need to be the highest branch possible for others." The world needs your brilliance, passion, and full engagement. By embracing your full potential, you light the way for others. When each of us dares to be our best selves, we collectively help each other reach our highest potential.

Embrace Courage

Commitment to growth and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone naturally brings fear. This is a normal reaction to exploring unfamiliar territory. However, it is vital to acknowledge the fear and proceed with courage regardless. Do not shrink from or avoid transformative opportunities that challenge you to step up and expand. Embrace them, for in doing so, you not only elevate yourself but also inspire and elevate those around you.

How do you overcome fear, self-doubt, or the opinions of others?

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