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the flourishing effect

Early Praise:

 Great leaders strive to help their employees flourish. This is a playbook to help you do exactly that.    

  - Dorie Clark, Columbia Business School professor and bestselling author of The Long Game 

 No one will "burn the boats" for apathetic - or worse, toxic - leaders. If you expect your team to go all in on your company's mission, you must give them 

 something they aren’t getting elsewhere. In a world where institutions are distrusted, Miller reveals that companies must take a more expansive view of

 the needs of their employees; in other words, treat them like human beings. How novel!   

  - Matt Higgins, CEO and Cofounder at RSE Ventures, bestselling author of Burn the Boats, Harvard Business School professor, and Shark Tank alum

 The way we’re working is not working! And it’s time we do something about it. In her book, Tonille Miller takes us on a journey to help us understand how we

 got here, but more importantly, sets a path to reimagine work and our relationship to it!    

  - Jen Fisher, Human Sustainability Leader at Deloitte and bestselling author of Work Better Together

 Miller helps leaders navigate the transformative period we're experiencing in work culture and leadership. The abundance of practical tools for fostering

 high-performance organizations, backed by compelling case studies and research, makes this book a fantastic resource for first-time managers through

 seasoned executives!   

  - Brian Elliott, Cofounder of Future Forum and bestselling author of How the Future Works

 Today's worker preferences have changed for good - this is a must-read for business leaders seeking to deliver sustainable profitability by unleashing the

 potential and performance of their people.    

  - Bhushan Sethi, Joint Global Leader of People & Organization at PwC, Partner at Strategy&

 People are the core ingredients of any organization.  Tonille does a masterful job of offering ideas, tools, and stories to ensure that employees flourish at

 work. She demonstrates that when treated well, employees deliver value to customers, investors, communities, and the future of the organization.  

  - Dave Ulrich, leading business thinker, University of Michigan Business School professor, and Partner of the RBL Group

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